Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flying Fish Exit 8

No, LightFare is not dead, I just have an infant and I spend all my time taking photos of her.  This blog post also happens to be almost as delayed as the beer.  Flying Fish intended to release Exit 8 Chestnut Brown Ale around when we all roast chestnuts: December, but some issues with their bottle supplier delayed the release multiple times until March.  I finally got my hand on a bottle a few weeks after the release and opened it a few weeks after that. Here is the description from the website :
"To celebrate Exit 8, one of our big farming areas, we’ve brewed a beer that uses a lost local ingredient: chestnuts–and a popular current one: local honey. This full-bodied hybrid Belgian-style brown ale brings forward a nutty character from the chestnuts, accented by the flavors of honey, roasted barley and oat flakes. There’s a nice spiciness from the Mt. Rainier hops while Chinooks add a touch of pine. Fuggles and Columbus round out the hop profile."
Exit 8 rolls in at 8.3% alcohol and is no slouch in the bitterness department, however the roasted malt and nut flavor dominates the pallet.  I don't sense much impact from the honey, except a thicker mouthfeel than I expect from a brown ale.  Exit 8 feels more like a stout and would pair nice with meaty comfort food: steak, meatloaf, roast port, etc.